Vision Demonstrators

Vision demonstrators are ‘visions’ for various customers. A pre-sales activity, these are complete walk through of a conceptual application through scenarios of different personas interacting with the system. They touch upon different capabilities, features and technology stack. 

I designed a number of these in the past 3 years touching upon various technology stacks from Hololens, Bots to mobile/tablet apps. These visions help to sell new projects to potential customers. Often, the real time projects are the outcome of these vision demonstrators.

My Roles: Personas, Scenario Building, Interaction Design, Visual Design

Process -  Personas and scenarios are identified. Thereafter information architecture is made, wireframes and then the visual design. These visions often go beyond constraints and involve minimal user research. They are done within a short time span of  2-3 weeks.

*Names have been changed to protect NDA under Microsoft


Made for the public sector division for government solutions. An unemployed person goes through the eCitizen portal to find out about government policies, benefits on unemployment, and recommendations for new jobs. The application walkthrough was made in detail.

Persona for the Ministry of Labor (above)

Hololens Apps

A potential Hololens application for an insurance company looking to find better risk assessment. Scenario was provided. I made animations, graphics to demonstrate the concept.

Some animations from the Hololens VDA for a factory scenario


A windows 8 app based on the connect framework which enables a 360 profile of a child. This will help child care to track their medical, educational, family details. In this scenario a case for a an abused child is explored.

CaseTalk Application Home

Medical Records of the child


A windows 8 app based on the connect framework which can track potential suspects based on certain types of analysis. Personas and story telling methods were adopted, taking into account how a suspect is tracked following a robbery. This was made to conceptualize framework to biggest police departments in the world. Examples from the legacy system capabilities was taken, and a scenario was made. This application was praised everywhere for its innovative link analysis, timeline UI, and the scenario. Some aspects of it have served as inspiration for newer projects.

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