The aura of our mystical soul creates vibes which explode into a state of universal consciousness.  Metaphorically, through the use of UV light we wanted to show the existence of these vibes; which are not visible to the naked eye.

My Roles: Concepts, Visual Design, Welding, Wire Bending, Garment Making, Finishing

Team of two (including me)

Vibes is a garment for the annual WOW competition. It is made of Aluminium rods, MS steel wires, PVC pipes, UV paint. Its UV coat allows this garment to glow in the dark. Our conscious decision of aluminium rods & steel wires made it difficult to enwrap the garment.Currently exhibited at the WOW and at the Collectable Car Musuem, Nelson - New Zealand. Vibes was a Finalist from India at the Brancott Estate World of Wearable Art- 2011, Auckland.

This was a great period of learning for me by collaborating with a fashion designer. The intricate details which goes into a construction of the garment, the finish of the product, and most importantly the durability and the appropriateness of the material selected. Material plays one of the most important roles in garment/product development.

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