User Interface : SharePoint, Mobile

Below are UI projects i did for various customers based worldwide.

My Roles: Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design

ONG Firm Academic Portal

The customer is a leading Oil and Gas firm based out of a country in Africa. A portal was build to manage scholarships sponsored by the firm. Business goals and user needs were matched to create the wireframes. Task flows and an information architecture was made as follows:-

Tasks Flows and identified screens
Wireframes for the Academic Portal

Audit Firm Internal Employee Portal

The customer is a leading Financial Audit firm worldwide. An intranet portal for the employees of the India office was needed. Previous website was unusable, was made in an incremental format where requirements were added as and when required. Resulting in the current system with a flawed navigation.

This involved one week workshop with a focused group of customers who explained their requirements in detail. Sharepoint experts were also present to check technical feasibility and scope.

Wireframes were made in powerpoint with quick iterations. A standard theme was followed keeping the brand colors in mind.

Some wireframes of the internal portal

Oil Company Internal Portal

The customer is a leading oil company based in the LATAM region. The task was to design wireframes and visual design. A complete set of wireframes and visual design was made. Just before going to development senior stakeholders joined in and asked for something radically different to their current look. The current portal had a top navigation, whereas they were set that they wanted a left navigation. The entire look had to change accordingly. So presenting both the designs over here.

Learning: This is a classic example of how to get approval and sign off on wireframes ALL STAKEHOLDERS. Since at a later stage the senior stakeholder can ask for changes, and once it goes into Photoshop, changes are difficult and requires re-work.

Visual Design Style 1
New wireframes
New Style with Left Navigation


Flip is a fitness tracking device which attaches itself behind the ear. Wireframes were provided, i worked on the visual design.

Wireframes given
Visual Design of the mobile app

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