Complex Enterprise Applications

These projects are large scale projects done in Microsoft. All are responsive web apps. I am combining 3 projects here namely: - an application for police IT wing in India, sales incentive complete eco system applications, and a complete smart building solution for a renovated building of a leading enterprise.

NOTE: A lot of work is under NDA so for detailed wireframes please contact me separately. Customer names are withheld for NDA purpose.

Digital Risk Platform

This is an ongoing 3 year contract project with an international audit company headquartered in Europe to build a platform which mitigates all sorts of risk to a company including legal, third party software, cybersecurity etc. This is an elaborate project to enable both admin to customise questionnaires, upload on the platform and users to conduct the evaluation. This project started with an existing visual design which we elaborated on later. I suggested how the experience should be tailored according to specific personas, and decide where maximum design efforts could be spent. For this i proposed a user research plan to identify personas and recommend the experience accordingly. A very elaborate Design System was built for this in Sketch and published to Zeplin. I worked closely with the UI developer team to review, explain/refine product backlog, and track, resolve bugs as well.

For this project i used learnings from my past projects to implement the N-2 Agile process for Design where design is done in the N-2 stage, followed by UI development in N-1 and backend development in the Nth sprint. This enabled enough time for the designers to iterate on the designs, and effective time utilisation for designers, UI developers as well.

Design Lead - Envisioning workshops, user research, setting the design process, maintenance of component library process, maintaining elaborate design system, visual design, onsite requirement gathering.

Some screens
Some screens from Design System

Police IT

The requirement was to create a complete intranet application for crime, law and order, traffic unit of police IT. The application would include registration of FIR, different types of crimes, crime scene investigation, file management, court proceedings, investigation analytics, crime history analytics, beat patrol apps.

My Role: Lead Designer, User Researcher, Interaction Designer

Discovery: To execute such a massive project and scope with limited budget and timeline, a survey approach was taken, apart from interviews with police officers, participatory observation at police stations. This was by far my most challenging project as the end users was of a diverse nature ranging from 20 year to 50 years old sometimes at the same role itself. The expectations from visual design were high and often unusable. Knowledge level of computers was not very high, internet connection in remote areas would be poor, and the expectations of stakeholders were high. Working with government stakeholders is a different game altogether working with the various of hierarchies of approval.

Design: A lot of my work involved guiding customer to a usable, trendy, functional interface which not only focused on functionality but also gave pleasing aesthetics as well.

Develop: Progressive web app was selected to make the app responsive as well so that it works for police officers on beat patrol as well.

For detailed wireframes and visual design, please contact me separately.

Sales incentive eco system of applications

This project was conceived to replace customer’s 26 year old fragmented Sales Representative Incentive management system with an integrated, optimized, zero manual touch solution called Contoso. Their legacy systems were replaced with Credit Pay engines and Sales Performance Dashboards. In addition to these a Xamarin mobile app and a Chatbot was designed as well. It was the first sales comp integrated system which combines the most recent technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, bot and analytics capabilities. Overall team size was 65+. This project spanned two years and an agile methodology was taken up with design sprints happening throughout the cycle.

My Role: Lead Designer, Interaction Designer, Visual Designer

When I took over as Design Lead, I streamlined the design process, moved on from remote UX consulting on onsite user requirement gathering and suggested to not to design in the same sprint as UI development, but two sprints ahead, n-2. The project was in transition phase from waterfall to agile. Adoption of agile methodology was a huge success. My role was the design lead, user researcher, visual designer, pretty much every role. Apart from me I took support from visual designers to develop icons, style guides etc.

This project was highly acclaimed and won many awards within Microsoft. Lot of appreciation and excellent feedback was given by customer. It was even highlighted on linked in by the customer.

Some of the feedback below:-

“Yes… User experience was always an extremely critical factor to the success of ABC and I would like to commend you on delivering an amazing experience to our sales team. Thanks for the strong and powerful collaboration. “ - customer

“It is rightly said that "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works", I am truly delighted that you have created something that not just looks great but works great as well. – customer

“We have designed, developed and rolled out one of the most innovative and user-friendly tools on the market”

“best user experience possible”

Appreciation on linkedin can be viewed here:-

Smart Building

Visitor management and coffee lounge experience

My Role: Lead Designer

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