Car projection mapping

DVC Projection Mapping (2012 - NID)

An installation displayed at DVC, NID 2012 showing the design process of a car, through projection mapping technology.

My Roles: Project Lead, Animator, 3D Mapper

Team of 4

3D projection mapping has recently emerged as one of the coolest forms of advertising. Projection mapping has come a long way in a relatively small period of time. It stimulates the senses, breaks the convention of 2D displays, and frees video from expensive screens and places them on everyday objects. The technique has been used in installations, experimental films.  Two Projection mapping projects were made. “Sketch to Car” design process display at DVC, NID, Ahmedabad from 27th Dec 2012 to 4th Jan 2013. The other one was a “An experiential marketing pitch to Reva NXR for its launch” done in June 2012.  “A sketch to car” display was on for ten days. During this time the display received widespread attention and praise. More than a thousand gathered to watch over this period. People were seen taking videos of this campaign on their mobile phones. There were exclamations and applause while the display was on. This display describes the design process of a car where it goes from a sketch to a full car and its journey. An attractive soundtrack was used. It was executed in a span of a week itself including the animation. Good teamwork and technical support enabled to meet the tight deadline. Shortcomings of the previous projection mapping technique used in the Reva project were taken care of. Experience gained in the previous project enabled me to execute this much faster. 


A lot of effort, brains, money, planning etc. go into ‘prepurchase’ and launch activities. The project therefore is an endeavour at creating an immersive experiential environment for a ‘pre-purchase’ activity for Reva NXR where people can come and have an immersive experience of the product technology and range the Reva NXR has to offer. The project here was to create an immersive experience to market the NXR, the new electric car by Mahindra Reva, for its launch. The idea was manifested in the form of a projection mapping on the car. A model of a car was taken, storyboard was developed on the way with iterative design process.  The story here highlights the features of Reva NXR with its regenerative battery system, the 4 seater car, high mileage. The detailed documentation can be found here : 

Reva- Projection Mapping POC (2011)

Storyboarding process
After Effects process

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