Smart City 3D Mapping

Smart City is a 3D projection mapping installation displayed at Microsoft GD India. It showcases 4 different IOT scenarios under the theme of Smart City

My Roles: Project Lead, UX Lead, Animator, 3D video mapper, Storyboarding

GD UX team needed to make an impact at Technovation 2014. An annual technical event to showcase innovative projects in the India region. With only 20 days at hand. I proposed the idea of projection mapping on an architectural model of a city deriving from my previous experience with projection mapping.

We were initially met with skepticism from the organizing team since it was a technology Microsoft India hadn’t heard of and the time was limited. With a team of animators, an architect, we brainstormed and led the entire team to experiment with this idea. This was an independent project apart from our regular duties at Microsoft.

Being the key person in this project i did all the mapping, most of the animation and coordinating between team members to get the animation and setup done. A scaled model of a city was made. The animation had 4 scenarios for a future vision of a smart city - embedded sensors, a person trying to find a parking space, accident scenario, and an energy conservation scenario

 The installation was done in a very tight timeline, with experiments conducted in our UX studio in the dark.

The final installation had an outstanding reception, with praises showered, we won the best stall. Everyone was amazed and made far fetched stories on how we had achieved this. Our installation drew crowds in hundreds easily.

This project inspired not only me but others that innovation can happen anywhere, and we should step out of our comfort zones and follow our passions. Impact will follow


Roles :

Khushboo – Lead, Animator, Mapping, Conceptualization, Sound,

Technology – Photoshop, After Effects, Installation

Team of 4 (me included) animators, mapping, logistics


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